1 nori sheet

2 tbsp hummus

small bunch sweet pea shoots or sprouts

1-2 carrots, cut into matchsticks

1 small cucumber, cut into matchsticks

1/4 avocado, sliced thinly 

1 tsp lemon juice

pinch of paprika, sesame seeds

salt and pepper


  • arrange nori sheet on a work surface, spread hummus in a thin layer over the nori
  • layer the carrots, cucumber sticks, avocado and the pea shoots on top of the bottom one-third of the nori sheet
  • sprinkle with lemon juice and season with salt 
  • sprinkle with paprika and sesame seeds (optional)
  • gently but firmly roll the nori wrap into a sushi-like roll ( you can use sushi mat if you like) 
  • with a sharp knife slice your roll and serve immediately