8-10 cups homemade chicken broth

2 chicken breast ( cooked or raw)

4 large carrots 

2 large celery ribs

1 large onion

3 garlic cloves (whole)

1 cup of peas ( fresh or frozen)

salt, pepper

olive oil

fresh parsley

1 cup quinoa


  • Heat olive oil in the large pot, add chopped onions and cook for a few minutes until tender, then add garlic,carrots, celery and cook for about 5-7 min
  • add chicken broth, chicken, peas, parlsey, season with salt and pepper and cook until chicken is tender
  • once soft remove the chicken breasts and sherd using fork, return to the pot
  • i prefer to cook quinoa separately and when serving, add it to the bowl first, then ladle hot soup over it (but you can cook quinoa in the pot together with all the ingredients for one-pot meal:-) 
  • for a spicy kick add harissa or chili flakes