1 package of dry rice noodels

100g raw unsalted cashews

1/2 medium size onion

1 fresh chilli

small bunch coriander

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 lime 

1 tsp sesame oil

1 tsp fish sauce

olive oil

salt and pepper


  • cook the noodles according to the packaging 
  • put a medium frying pan on a low heat then add cashews
  • once the cashews are in put a tiny bit of olive oil and turn the heat up, once they start to get nice golden color add sesame seeds,toss for 30 sec then add 1tbsp of honey and toss again then put in the small bowl and set aside 
  • peel the onion and place in the the food processor with chilli, coriander, soy sauce, lime, sesame oil, fish sauce and bit of olive oil and mix well then taste and adjust the seasoning 
  • drain your noodles and mix with the prepared dressing
  • sprinkle with toasted cashews, more chilli and coriander