Coconut milk is creamy, rich liquid made from the meat of mature coconuts, it has the scent of a coconut and a slightly sweet taste. It is an excellent substitute for cow's milk because is easy to digest and contains lots of nutrients. You can drink it plain, use it for cooking and baking or blend it with smoothies.

  • coconut milk contains vitamins C, E that helps to boost the immune system
  • vitamin B responsable for providing energy tot he cells
  • magnesium that regulates your heart's rhythm 
  • potassium maintains the tissues of the heart, kidneys, brain and muscles
  • phosphorus keeps the teeth and bones strong
  • antioxidants that boost your immunity while rebuilding the damaged cells in your body
  • there are very few foods rich in lauric acid and coconut milk is one of them, lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid that exists in mothers' milk and it has many germ-fighting, anti viral properties, may also reduce cholesterol and stroke risks
  • if you want to avoid canned products, go for organic BPA free cream of coconut (or creamed coconut)  and blend it with water to make coconut milk
  • to make your own homemade milk: mix 2 cups of unsweetened coconut flakes with 4 cups of water, blend until creamy and then squeeze through a cheese cloth or nut bag, drink immediately or store in the fridge no more than 3 - 4 days